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Our Processing Facilities

  • Third Party Inspected: Silliker
  • SQF 2000 Level 3 Production Facility
  • Yum’s Brand Approved production facility
  • US Foodservice Approved Private brands Packer
  • Denny’s Corporation Approved processor
  • USDA NPA Approved Commodity Processors
  • iCiX Compliant
  • VETCOM (Veterinary Command) Military Troop Support Approved  Facility
  • DLA Troop Support Top 100 Military Supplier (Current Ranking #83)
  • USDA Inspected Facility
  • Full Kettle Cook Capabilities
  • Signature 2-Part Fill and Cook Capabilities
  • Comprehensive R&D Menu Development Process (Chef Claude Booker)
  • Daily Production Capabilities of 125,000 lbs
  • Comprehensive Allergen Production and full clean, wash and change over program

Our People

  • Experienced management teams at both locations
  • Direct sales force and Broker Network
  • Knowledgeable and friendly customer service personnel

Strategic Sourcing and Distribution

  • Simply Southern Sides has long term purchasing relationships, geographic supplier diversification provides additional risk management
  • Truckload distribution and Less than Truckload distribution